Zaatar from Israel Hyssop from the Jezreel Valley

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Carmel Gifts has partnered with Holy Roses to bring you the most flavorful Za’atar of Israel from the Jezreel Valley

Zaatar (also spelled Z’atar or Za’aatar, Zahatar or Zatar)is a spice mixture that has been popular in the Middle East for centuries.

Zaatar is commonly available in the Middle East in dried form, as a mixture of locally grown hyssop, sesame seeds, salt and sometimes olive oil.

Dip your bread in Olive Oil sprinkled with Zaatar and be carried away to Israel.

Give Back to the Community - this product is packed by workers with special needs

No Preservatives - No Artificial Coloring - Natural Ingredients Only

Hyssop (Marjora Syiriacal). It is one of the better-known plants of the Bible and it is referred to in ten different places in the Old Testament and two in the New Testament. 

Contents: 3.5 ozs/ 100g

Ingredients: Hyssop (Marjora Syiriacal), Sesame, Elm Leaved Sumac, Citric Acid, Salt

Kosher – Badatz - Under the supervision of Rabbi Mordehai Zamir, Jezreel Valley Regional Council