Silver Floating Wall Letters - If I Forget Thee O Jerusalem- Dorit Klein


Product Overview

Dorit Klein is a 7th generation native Israeli, creating in her studio in the center of Israel. Dorit comes to Judaica after years in the graphic arts. She brings with her a strong Traditional background and knowledge of Jewish texts, all of which inspire her modern Judaica.

Her tools from the world of graphic arts, the traditional art of paper cutting, and her mix of hues and her varied materials combine into a unique modern art imbued with tradition.

In this series of stainless steel art Dorit Klein creates unique wall decor of floating letters in Judaic motifs. The messages of her decor seems to float in mid air while casting shadows on the wall around the beautifully designed script.

In this piece Dorit Klein brings us the well known Hebrew verse from Psalms 137. "

The blessing reads in Hebrew: "Im eshkahech Yerushalayim, tishkach yemini" ׁ( אם אשכחך ירושלים תשכח ימניׂׂ).

Popular Translation: "If I forget thee O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget her cunning."


13.4" x 16" / 34cm x 41cm