Sabbath and Holidays

Sabbath, or Shabbat as it is called in Hebrew, is the Holiest day in the Jewish calendar (except for Yom Kippur). Shabbat starts on sundown Friday night and ends with the appearance of 3 stars in the sky on Saturday night. On the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, traditionally all work is ceased. 

Shabbat Candles are lit before the Sabbath Queen is welcomed into the home, the braided bread, "challah" is set on its special board and covered until the wine in goblet blessed a ritual prayer. 

The Holidays, (sometimes called Yom Tov, or Good Day) also have the feel of the Sabbath, as food is prepared in advance and the table set for a festive meal.
It is no wonder that so many artists in Israel have devoted themselves to beautiful expressions of the Sabbath and Holidays.
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