Olive Wood Wall Cross Holy Land Essences

Ships from stock in the US or Israel

Product Overview

Carmel Gifts has partnered with Holy Roses to bring you high quality products from the Holy Land.

This 8 inch cross is fashioned from the highest quality Olive Wood cultivated in Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus, and features 4 vials of Holy Land essences: earth, frankincense, dried rose petals and a stone.

Olive trees are an outstanding feature of the landscape throughout Israel, and olive wood the most Israeli of all gifts.

Olive wood objects will always be original and unique because of the nature of the wood grain. No two pieces will look exactly the same.

Bring Israel to your home by hanging this cross on a wall.

The perfect gift for Christening, First Communion, Confirmation, Housewarming, Marriage, Clergy, Christmas and Easter, It will surely be treasured by who ever receives it. 

Every cross will be unique, since no piece of olive wood is the same.